Zachary Friss

Engineer. Driver. Laxer.

Name's Friss. Zachary Friss.

I'm currently working as an Engineering Lead at HubSpot; where I lead the Sales Rep Efficiency and Sales Rep Engagement teams. Previously I spent 4 years building and leading the Frontend Performance and Monitoring team at HubSpot. Web performance is a huge passion of mine and I'm not satsified until the apps I build are as fast as possible. I'm always looking for new ways to take web to new heights.

In my spare time I try to get to the race track to drive my Lotus Evora. One day I'll write about my experience on track over at Hogpen Racing.


Building things is a little (okay big) passion of mine.

Analyze and review your Counter Strike: Global Offensive demo’s to improve your game.


Track your stats for Islands of Nyne and compare yourself against others.

Twitch Notifier

Get notified when your favorite Twitch streamers come online.

SyN Mail

Take your email to the next level with this modern and sleek email client.

Out in the Open - A Tale of Insecure Public Profiles

This year for Christmas I got my wife a medical ID bracelet. Rather than being engraved with her information, it has an online profile that a first responder or doctor can view in three ways, scanning a QR code, entering the band ID and pin online or calling the service and providing the ID and pin.

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